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  • Program & Risk Management

    Our resources are skilled in identification and management of risks of projects and programs running in a public sector environment. Our solid knowledge and awareness of working in a political environment, public sector regulations and governance, and market and commercial awareness, together with the ability to work across the sectors with multi disciplinary partners is complimentary to the working knowledge of program management.

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  • Business Change & Transformation

    Our expert change management leaders are resourced with knowledge of public services, best practices of the industry, good working knowledge of the business practices and process, solid awareness of political sensitivities, Lean and efficiency methodologies to enable service reviews and redesign and to enable change for our customers.

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  • Service Design & Strategy

    Our resources can assist you to develop service and market strategies aligned with the organisational vision, budgetary and locality challenges and priorities.

    We also bring in valueable benchmark and learning using our experience and network with the market, businesses and the industry, aligning the service design with the regulations, legal and legislative outcome frameworks and the sector innovation opportunities in terms of design, process, ethos and technology.

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  • Advisory & Management Consultancy

    Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

    Our resources at StepChange Business Solutions Ltd, have years of exposure to relationships with numerous organizations, consulting firms developing catalysts and raising aware of the industry "best practices", bringing about local and industrial practices to provide tailor made solutions with limited exposure to risk.

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